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Answer to Order to Show Cause and motion to Vacate and Dismiss said Order

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Irwin Schiff

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July 17th Motions

Irwin's Letter to
Lou Dobbs

Apr 26, Motion to Dismiss.

The government opposed on
May 24

Schiff replied on May 27, 2005.
This motion and the reply, expose the entire fraudulent character of the federal income tax and it's criminal enforcement by the federal government.

Feature Article:
Las Vegas Tribune April 1, 2005

"Insanity" Defense

Read Irwin's Testimony before Congress from "The Biggest Con"

Irwin Schiff
appears in "America Freedom to Fascism" by Aaron Russo!

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Testimonials from Irwin Schiff's Subscribers

From: David A. Baker Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine (DHM)
Fellow of the British Institute of Homoeopathy

Dear Irwin,

I am writing to thank you for giving us back our lives, and pride, by providing books, such as the Federal Mafia, which tells the truth about the" Karl Marx" income tax, and how it is imposed.

You have dedicated that book to people who have died because of the unlawful acts of an agency of our Federal Government, My wife, and I were almost one of those sad stories.

In 1993 we thought the IRS was going to destroy us. I was in poor health at the time, and we did not see how we could start over. We discussed how to take our lives and even found new homes for our beloved parrots, and gave them away. We even had our pet dog put down as we knew that she would suffer because I was the only one able to keep her out of pain, from a old injury, with homeopathic medicine

About this time my health started to turn around and we decided to hold on as long as we could. We made a partial financial recovery, although we had to reduce our standard of living to do this

This was eight years ago, and all that time we knew something was wrong about the Income tax, but assumed there was a law requiring us to pay. We thought that the IRS had some legal power to do as they pleased,

Your material has set us free. We no longer feel like slaves, fear the IRS, and when I look in the mirror, I see a empowered citizen, someone that I can be proud of.

In 1997 and 1998 we paid over $50,000 each year in extortion, now we can live again, and now we have pride, and self-respect, just by doing our patriotic duty, by helping to take back America.

Thank you ever so much, and God bless

David and Anne Baker

Mr, & Mrs. David A. Baker DHM
196 Leicester St Auburn MA 01501

Auburn, MA Office DHM
• Voice Mail (508) 832-4650
• Fax (508) 832-2306

Irwin: If it hadn’t been for you, Jerry and Faye, I wouldn’t have gotten back all the money I paid the IRS and State income taxes.  As part of my “thank you” for your help and information,  I have also enclosed my check to the Freedom Foundation for  $500.00

Thanks again,
Mrs. O. R. Elgin, Ill

Dear Mr. Schiff  We filed a 1040x , amending our 1995 income tax return on June 25,1999.  We had filed our original 1995 return on August 7,1996. We Received a full refund of our 1995  taxes on August 9, 1999 on the basis of a “zero.” No hassle - No threatening letters.  (Copy of refund check attached).  It worked like a charm.  We are spreading the word.  Keep up the good work.

J & A Bennet
Las Vegas, NV

Dear Mr. Schiff, Thank you for writing the FEDERAL MAFIA and the GREAT INCOME TAX HOAX.  We filed traditional returns for 98 & 99.  Our accountant had prepared our returns showing we owed the IRS almost $15,000 for those two years.  Since we didn’t have the extra money to pay the IRS, we let it slide. Easter weekend of 2000 we were introduced to the FEDERAL MAFIA and the 5½-hour seminar. IT WAS GREAT!

We still have not made any attempt to pay the IRS.  On Monday June 26, 2000, I received a phone call from the Michigan Department of Treasury, they wanted payment too.  Now, because of the information I acquired from your books and tapes, I have no fear  of either agency.

I knew what to say and how to say it. I told the agent that my accountant made a mistake and that the figures he used were wrong, and we were going to amend our tax returns for 98 & 99 and in doing so, we will owe the IRS ZERO.

It was only because of your material that I discovered the mistakes we made in reporting taxable income on our 98 & 99 returns. I have been talking to all of my friends, neighbors, people in the grocery store especially the employees about “tax-no more,” and how they too can stop the payment of income taxes.

I feel a GREAT BURDEN HAS BEEN LIFTED. I can not tell you what a GREAT feeling that is. NO MORE PRESSURE!

My blood pressure came down below normal because of the relief that you have given us through all of your years of research.”  Mr, Schiff, I can’t thank you enough for all the work you have done on this subject.  It certainly was a great help to me and my family.”

AJ Cubmmins,
Paw Paw, Michigan

Mr. Schiff For the past 20 years I have studied your teachings and benefited educationally and financially.  The information was better than a money back guaranty. Thanks for dissecting the Internal Revenue Code.

I now realize what the Indians meant when they said, “White man speaks with forked tongue.”  They must have been talking to IRS agents.
James Henderson,
Magna, Utah

Dear Irwin,

I want to thank you for all of the information I’ve learned about income taxes following your procedures. Because of what I have learned from you, I have saved thousands of dollars in taxes and continue to do so.

Enclosed are copies of my refund checks from Arizona and my 1998 Federal tax refund. On behalf of myself and my employees, thanks for your time and all of your great efforts in educating us! I highly recommend all present tax payers to get educated with your materials.
R. Bianchi,
Phoenix, AZ

To One and All:

In 1970 I started the tax freedom movement (opposing our Government’s illegal enforcement of income taxes) in Western Pennsylvania. I met Irwin Schiff in 1975 and have supported him and his procedures ever since. I have found his information to be 100% accurate. In my view, he is the only true leader in this movement. His books – which are all irrefutable - laid the intellectual foundation for all of the tax resistance we see today.  In my view, he has no equal or peer in the freedom movement.  Irwin never offends your intelligence or common sense.  He never asks you to accept weird theories (which abound in this movement) in order to avoid paying income taxes.  He forced the Social Security Administration to return the $9,000.00 they had unlawfully taken from me and sent to the IRS in response to the phony notices of levy the IRS sends out,  allegedly  pursuant to 26 USC 6331. He has, in essence, defeated the IRS. There is no question that the Government’s ability to extort income taxes from the American public has received a body blow from the writings and procedures he has developed over the years. Hopefully, as more and more Americans discover and adopt these procedures, we can restore America to its former greatness – which the income tax  and all of its red tape have largely destroyed. 
Dr. Ray Hartmen
Beaver Falls, Pa.

Irwin,  You may not realize it, but you have "cracked the code" of the government. There are very few "laws" that require us to do anything.  I've found that the same techniques you developed which so many of us use successfully against the IRS are equally devastating in dealings with almost all governmental agencies.  I have successfully used your approach in prevailing over the FDA, FAA, state Medical Boards, state-mandated immunizations, and local zoning and code enforcement officials--to say nothing of the IRS.  You have exposed the naked emperor.
Ward Dean, M.D.
Pensacola,  FL

Dear Irwin Enclosed please find my $500 contribution to the Freedom Foundation for helping me get the enclosed $41,276.54  check from the IRS. I couldn’t believe my eyes when it came out of the envelope.  It’s a refund of all the income taxes I paid for  92, 93, 94 ,95 and 96.  It even includes $6,880 in interest!  I filed “zero” returns for 95 & 96 and amended 1040x’s for the other years.  I have to admit, I never really expected to get it all back, with interest yet!  Thanks to you I will now be totally out of debt, including paying off the mortgage on my trailer. I will stop by  Freedom Books when I return from a short vacation. Las Vegas, NV

Dear Irwin, My 1997 Federal refund arrived today, after I followed your procedures this year for the first time, and it is my pleasure to enclose a money order for $400 as a donation to the fine work of the Foundation.  You truly are a hero of liberty in this Century With best wishes
Jim Davies
Newbury,  New  Hampshire

Dear Irwin: I thought that you might like to see copies of the refund checks I got from both the Federal and State government in response to my zero returns.  As a token of my appreciation, I have enclosed a check to the Freedom Foundation to help support your valuable work. Before reading “The Federal Mafia,” I never would have believed that the Federal government could  pull off such a scam.  It still boggles my imagination.  I have been spreading the word to all of my friends and neighbors, and I am sure you will be hearing from them in the near future.  If there is anything I can do for you in the Tucson area, please don’t hesitate to call upon me. Thanks for your “financial rewards”.

Tucson,  Arizona

I met Irwin in 1984 and have been income "tax" free ever since. His material is SUPERB to say the least.

He is the MASTER of uncovering the IRS illusion;  better than Houdini and Lance Burton. Thanks Irwin for opening my eyes........

Bill  B.
(JR's Cousin)

Dear Irwin: My wife wept while filling-out our 1040 in 1992, when she realized how much of our wages were consumed by the so called “income tax.”

We thought the tax was mandatory.  We  believed there was nothing we could do, except pay.

In 1993 I heard you on the Irv Homer show on WWDB-FM, Philadelphia.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Never-the-less I was intrigued, so I ordered your book,  “The Federal Mafia.”

Still not convinced, I went to the Temple University book store and purchased my own copy of the Internal Revenue Code.  It verified everything in your book.

At the end of 1993, my wife and I submitted new W-4 Forms to our respective employers and we have not paid any Federal or State income taxes since. Your sample replies and instruction on how to deal with IRS agents have prevented the Revenuers from inflicting any financial harm upon us.

Thank you Irwin Schiff for six years of freedom from the income tax and thousands of dollars that you have saved us. My brother, my oldest son, a former employer, and a co-worker also subscribe to your methods, without any serious problems. With high regards,

John Weber, Full-time American
Rock Hill, South Carolina

I actually read Irwin's material about 10 years ago, and implemented his techniques for the last two years. I wish I had done it sooner, since he has saved me from voluntarily donating about $30,000 to the federal government vultures in those 24 months. I even received a refund from the Franchise Tax board (The California State SS). Irwin Schiff was right there to tell me how to get control over my life and keep my ALL of hard earned money, without caving in to bottom dwelling IRS agents. With Mr. Schiff's prepared responses, IRS parasites go elsewhere where their intimidation and law breaking might work. 

Thank you again, Irwin Schiff.

C Casey, Webmaster,
Peoples Republic of California

Dear Irwin Since following your procedures and teachings on the income "tax", I've received an education far beyond what any school could have taught me.  In the last 3 years I've saved thousands of dollars that I would have needlessly paid in income taxes, had I not had the knowledge I got from your books, tapes and weekly radio show - which I never miss. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to keep more of their money and acquire a greater amount of self-respect as an American, get your material.  It's priceless and worth every dollar. Thanks for truly making a difference in my life. Your Loyal Follower, Michael Herman
Las Vegas, Nevada

It is amazing how well your material worked at my first audit interview in 97, and again at my recent summons meeting.  In both meetings the IRS agents were blown away.  They couldn't respond meaningfully to demands that they produce their authority.  At the recent summons meeting, the lead agent actually was yelling at the end and admitted to kicking us out.  They were frustrated by the fact that they had no authority to look at any books and records much less send out the summons, and they ended the meeting after only 40 minutes.  Your material works wonders.  Thanks for the Freedom.

Dear Irwin: A few years ago I fortunately tuned into Allan Handelman radio show one Sunday evening when he had you on as a guest. Your claim that one didn’t have to pay income taxes sounded too good to be true, but I ordered your book anyway. Since adopting your procedures I have been saving $250-$300 a week.  As a result, my wife  was able to quit he job and began home schooling our three children.  I can’t explain the extent to which this has enriched all of our lives.  There is no doubt in my mind that most of the problems we are now experiencing with our kids is due to the lack of parental supervision,  caused by both parents having to work to support the family.  By  eliminating income taxes,  we are no longer faced with this problem. Thank God for the Allan Handelman show.

Charlotte, N.C.

Mark’s story   After experiencing the kind of IRS tyranny that I had only read about, I could not believe that Americans could allow a situation to develop where low level, IRS bureaucrats, apparently drunk with power, could confiscate private property without hearings or court orders of any kind.

Looking into the matter further, I discovered that, each year, thousands of Americans:  Commit suicide, have nervous breakdowns, get divorced and are driven into bankruptcy all because of IRS collection methods.  I discovered that most Americans fear the IRS more than they fear the FBI or the police.  “Is this America or Nazi Germany?”  I asked myself.

For 15 years I had scrupulously filed and paid income taxes, believing that, that was what the law required.  However, until I got involved with the IRS, I had always assumed that Americans were innocent until proven quilt, and that the government could not take private property without hearings or court orders.  Well, if you ever get involved with the IRS (without having the information in Irwin Schiff’s books) you will discover that those last two assumptions are incorrect.  IRS agents seize pay checks (over 2 million a year!), bank accounts, automobiles, boats etc. etc. etc. simply on the basis of a piece of paper they sign themselves – which, I now know, they have no lawful power to send out! Well, fortunately for me, a friend told me about Irwin Schiff’s book, THE FEDERAL MAFIA.  To say that I was shocked by it would be putting it mildly.  Not only did this book prove to me that I did not owe the IRS all the money they claimed I owed; but that the IRS agents who seized my property did not have the legal authority to do so.  I also discovered that I had been conned into paying income taxes all these years.  Well folks, I’ll tell you one thing, the feds aren’t going to con me anymore:  this is one American who is through paying income taxes!  I submit to you that it is a false brand of patriotism (and an insult to our Founding Fathers and our Constitution) to allow this situation to continue.  I hope to have a hand in changing it ; which is why I am spending full time marketing THE FEDERAL MAFIA.  I hope that I can enlist your support in getting the truth out to the American public – so we can, once again, restore freedom and prosperity to what used to be “The Land of the free and the home of the brave.”  With your help, maybe it will be that way again – someday.
Mark Reo
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Irwin:

I just received my 1999 Federal Income tax refund to the tune of $20,930.00 which included $930.00 in interest. That check combined with my 1998 Federal refund of $40,229.23 (including $1,210.23 in interest) and a 1998 State Tax refund of over $8,000.00 totals just under $70,000 which I have received by following your "zero" Income Tax procedure.

THAT’S RIGHT! $70,000!!!!!!
I was never threatened with an audit and, aside from the IRS losing my 1040 return a couple times (return receipts helped verify), the IRS willingly returned all the money I had paid to them in quarterly payments over the past two years—again, with interest added on.

I feel the reason why the IRS refunded the money with little or no struggle was because I followed your procedures to the letter. Everything you told me to do I DID!!!!

I purchased the Federal Mafia, the 3 hour video (Income Tax Free Life), the audio packages (Schiff Series 5 & 6) and your colored-tabbed Internal Revenue Code. I watched, read and listened to ALL the material many times, and then filed each tax return according to your detailed instructions.

And, $70,000 later, I am thankful for Irwin Schiff and his relentless pursuit of the truth in exposing the ongoing extortion perpetrated by our Federal Government. Irwin, you help many decent, honest, hardworking Americans save hundreds of thousands of dollars which otherwise are wasted by the ever-growing Federal bureaucracy.

I tell my family and friends that Irwin Schiff is the ONLY American I know who truly works to reduce the size of government (unlike the lying politicians we see and hear "promise" each day). Irwin is right—the less money this Government monster receives, the less it spends and, consequently, the smaller it will become.

Thank you, Irwin, for all you have done for me and my family. I cannot express enough gratitude to you for showing me how to file the most HONEST and LEGAL tax return I could ever file. Your "zero" Income Tax Return procedures have saved me hours of time (about three minutes to complete the 1040 return), effort (no more receipts & documents to collect, file and save) and money (no more costly tax lawyers, accountants and H & R Block bills)

For those of you (and there are a lot of you) who FEAR the IRS, I have a quote to share from a REAL HONEST & BRAVE AMERICAN politician, Thomas Jefferson. He said "When the Government fears the people, the people live in FREEDOM, but when the People fear the Government, the People live in Tyranny.

As an American worker and Business owner, who used to slave over HALF the year for this bloated Government WASTER Machine, I now like to paraphrase Martin Luther King when I proudly exclaim, "Free at last, free at last, thanks to you Irwin Schiff, I am FREE AT LAST!

With Gratitude
Dr. D. B.
(name withheld by request, due to the flood of calls and "how to do it" questions).  Dr. D. B. advises that you get Irwin's material if you want to know how to do what he did.

I have been a professional tax preparer for over 15 years, earning my tax preparation certificate through H&R Block Tax School.
I have been following Irwin’s successes and set backs (NOT FAILURES) for over 12 years,
and it has only been in the past 8 ? yrs that I started putting is information to use.

I first started using Irwin’s information to fight and win against the IRS within the scope of the IRS procedures. I currently have over twenty tax clients( and more on the way) who have given Power of Attorney for me to take care of their move to tax freedom.

I myself have received
refunds from ZERO filings for the past 3 years from both Federal and State and am currently having ZERO withheld on my W4. I have personally defeated 4 IRS Audits, as well as to many to mention IRS notices.

I questioned a District Director on his authority to issue a Tax Court Notice. This one case save just ONE of my client over $30,000 dollars, I have filed for CDP Hearings, I have help stop liens and levies both on the
Federal & State levels, I am working on stopping backup withholding and social security with holding, I requested a Congressional Inquiry from Senators in my IRS issues as well the Freedom of Information Act and my request are all on record with the IRS.

I owe all my success to Irwin Schiff and his methods and the support I get from Freedom Books.

I believe in the Schiff methods and I solely use Irwin Schiff's material for all my needs.

So you ask is it for real. Yes this is ALL for real, but you have to take a stand and you have to do it right.

Irwin’s Material will get you there.


To One and All

Using information provided by Irwin Schiff, I have been successful in preventing the IRS from obtaining money from clients.  In fact, when confronting IRS agents using information provided by Irwin Schiff, IRS agents have figuratively run screaming from the room.  Thanks a million, Irwin! Jerry Arthur Jewett
Attorney and Counselor at Law

Dear Irwin: I have been a Certified Public Accountant for over 40 years. However, 20 years ago you opened my eyes with your  book,  “How Anyone Can Stop Paying Income Taxes.”  Every succeeding book you wrote on the subject  simply piled more truth and more understanding on what went before it. I can safely say that in all of your books and “Schiff Reports,” I never came across any information that was not 100% accurate.  I know of many people who follow your strategy, and to my knowledge all of them have had their lives improved because of it.  Keep up the good work, and hopefully many more Americans will wake up to the truth and  follow the procedures that you have so clearly laid out.
John Kucek,  C.P.A.
Plainfield, New Jersey 

Thanks Irwin, 

For 4 years of income tax free sobriety!  Your material makes it easy to stop IRS extortion.  I stopped filing yearly confessions with the Federal Mafia over 8 years ago and have enjoyed an income tax free life.  Your material helps us debunk the Mickey Mouse nature IRS letters.

Many others I know have also discovered how to live an income tax free life with the use of your material.  It's great to be living life free from the voluntary income "tax".

Kurt Annaheim
Daytona Beach, Florida

Heartfelt greetings to the man who has saved me thousands of dollars! 

Sincerely, John
Rock Hill, South Carolina Republic

Dear Irwin I must admit, I was more than a little apprehensive when I entered the offices of the IRS in response to one of their 30-day letters, but when I took out your tabbed Internal Revenue Code and put it on the table, their jaws dropped.  Both agents sort of melted before our very eyes. You are right, holding up an Internal Revenue Code to an IRS agent is like holding up a cross to a vampire. They were really pathetic. They could not produce any statutory authority to support their claim that I owed more in income taxes than the “zero” I put on my tax return.  I walked out of their feeling that I had just slain the dragon. My mother, who accompanied me, couldn’t get over it.  “Those are the feared IRS agents,” she said,  “they looked as if they couldn’t get us out fast enough.”  Thanks for all of your priceless information. 

 Detroit, MI

A Word to the Wise

After spending thousands of dollars following the advice of a “know it all” tax expert (who confidently provided me with a number of reasons why I was not required to file and pay income taxes), he totally abandoned me when push came to shove.  He did so, but not before trying to get another $3,500 from me for “helping” me petition Tax Court.  In the end he advised me that filing for bankruptcy, was the only way he knew of dealing with the threatened seizure of my property to satisfy the $90,000 in taxes and penalties the IRS now claimed I owed, because I followed his advise. Fortunately for me I found and acquired Irwin Schiff’s material.  I now understand how I could have derailed the IRS long before it got to this point. In any case, I now know have the information that will enable me to deal with the IRS even at this late date.  I feel confident that I can do so without having to file bankruptcy and without having to pay the IRS the $90,000 they are trying to extort from me.  If it weren’t for Irwin Schiff’s material, I have no doubt I would have become just another IRS victim.  I can only warn others that there are people out there who sound as if they know what they are doing when it comes to not paying income taxes.  They will take your money at the beginning, and along the way, but will abandon you at the end.

D. J. Zerfoss
Seattle, WA

3 years tax free and liberated.  No problems from the IRS puff balls.  This really works. 

Nevada Republic

Thanks to the hard work, research, and dedication of Irwin Schiff, I have recovered over $5,000 each year of my money.  I've thwarted the IRS at every turn.  I've asked for an Audit - the event most Americans dread - and they refuse to grant me one.  I've been IRS-free for over 2 years...and still counting. 

I have shared Irwin's work with hundreds of people, most have become worthy friends, if not simply better off, better informed.  Send a message to Washington:  "If it's against the law, and you're taking our money, that's theft!  Corruption in Government will not be tolerated by law-abiding, Constitution-upholding Americans." 

A tremendous Thank You! to Irwin. 

Chuck D.

Dear Mr. Schiff: I had been paying income taxes for 15 years, and then I read “The Federal Mafia” and discovered how I had been ripped off all those years.  Using your material I stopped the withholding of taxes from my pay .  This has saved me $15,000 in the last two years.  I also filed  “zero” returns for those years. Your procedures have not only saved me a lot of money,  but have given me a greater interest and understanding of law and the Constitution. Because of the savings generated by your information,  I had the money to take a leave of absence from my job and go back to school to finish my degree in I.C. Layout Engineering.  With this degree, I will be able to earn 25% more than I was able to earn in the past.  What a substantial difference in my life style, your information will have made possible! Thanks a lot for your research and information. Sherman Pipes,
Austin, Texas

Irwin: I have almost all of your material, and it has made an enormous positive difference in my life.  I thank you having the guts and intelligence to stay with this. Even after going through much of your material, it took me a couple of years to gather the courage to file a zero return.  I’m now sorry that I waited.  I could have enjoyed the feeling of freedom, not to mention the money, much earlier.  There was an awful lot of de-programming that had to occur first.  It was nice to feel that I finally had the legal standing for something I had always felt was morally correct. I claimed exempt and have filed zero returns for 1998 and 1999.  Due to an error at my company, one week of withholding was taken from my paycheck the 2nd year.  Both years I got back every penny from the state, but nothing from the feds When I got the first check from the state, I literally screamed.  There’s no way the government is going to send you back your money unless you’re right.  I was ecstatic. As for the feds, they sent me a $500.00 fine.  We have gone back and forth, not over the literally tens of thousands of income taxes that I otherwise would have had to pay, but over the $500 penalty.  I’ll take that any day, but I don’t intend to pay that either. Thanks again,


 Dear Irwin Schiff:   I thought I’d send you a few lines of appreciation for making available to the public, the information on how to stop paying income taxes.   Thanks to the information contained in the “Freedom Package”, I now know how to get all my money back from the State and Federal governments by filing a “zero” return.  And that’s exactly what I’m doing.  The IRS has not yet given me a refund on my 1997 return.  But here is a copy of a check from the State of Ohio.  They refunded the entire amount withheld as a result of my filing a “zero” return.  This alone more than paid for the cost of the “Freedom Package.”

Now I thank you, Mr. Schiff!  And may God bless you richly, as you are faithful in exposing the fraud involved in the collection of income taxes! Sincerely,
Melvin Slabaugh
Wooster, Ohio

 Dear Irwin:  Just a note to tell you I how happy I am with your material.  With your help, I am learning to cut the head off  the  Snake we call the Federal Government.  I fought for my country to eliminate many of the wrongs that I now see are being perpetrated by our own government.  I was shot down over Viet Nam twice and survived: I lost many friends. I now find there are criminals running our Justice system.  We have, what amounts to, enemy agents,  in the White House, in Congress and scattered throughout our government.  We will never be able to vote these scum suckers out office, but we can take back our country by cutting off their sources of revenue, which your material shows us how to do. I am calling on every Vet, every mother and father or family member of a fallen Vet or anyone that knew a Vet from any war to take up this “informational weapon” Irwin Schiff has provided and we can end most of our bloody wars and live in Peace and Prosperity and end many injustices in this country. “Sons and Daughters of the Republic:  Arise”
Ron Ray
Lenexa, Kansas  66215

Dear Irwin Schiff:

We have been listening to you for two years now.  We have followed your procedures this year. There are 4 zero-filers in our house.) We want to THANK YOU! for opening our eyes and minds to the kind of fraud and deception practiced by our own government.  We have discovered that it exists in other Federal agencies,  as well as the IRS.  Thanks to you and your information we now know:

    How to look for this kind of  fraud.
    The truth about government regulations. How to read-and have fun reading-laws that would otherwise be impossible to understand. How to demand and verify delegations of authority.
How much fun it was to tape and then read and re-read the transcript of our interview with our local IRS group manager, whom we stymied in all the right places.

We also now know how not waive our rights, since anything we might say to an IRS agent, could, and surely would,  be used against us. We also now know that “Congress cannot by legislation alter the Constitution from which alone it derives its power, can be lawfully exercised”  And, that the Tax “Court” is a total fraud that we now know how to avoid. Again THANKS.  And yes, we’re having fun with-not fear any longer – in dealing with our servants, the government. Your friends, Barbara and Tom
Montpellier, Vermont

To Whom It May Concern: As a follower of Mr. Schiff’s material , I can personally say that I have had nothing but POSITIVE results.  Everything that he says has documentation to back it up, plus it is 100% LEGAL! I have saved a goodly  amount of my money (rather than flush it down the federal toilet) to spend on myself and my family. I was, at one time, afraid of the IRS but no more. I invite anyone to dispute his information using Title 26, the  Internal Revenue Code. He uses THE LAW to prove his statements, which NO IRS agent can do. I now KNOW that there is NO LAW that requires Americans to pay “income” taxes.  I hope Mr. Schiff continues his fight against a lawless IRS and helps Americans to be free. Glen Blair
New York, New York

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